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You Are Running for Office

You decided to run for president. Now what? You need to speak like the leader you are.

You’re going to need speeches. That is why you need Presidential Speechwriter. Jump to speech writing services.

For starters, you need a basic stump speech. It will need a core strategy and understanding of your supporters, detractors, and those undecided. 

You’ll also need a basic fundraising speech. That’s the speech you take into events made up of supporters. They already like you, but you need their help (and lots of it) to get this campaign off the ground.

Whether you are running for president, mayor, or county recorder, this remains true. Even if your campaign is not in the United States, I can help. 

Before you contact me, please do two things:

  • First, check out my main website, American Speechwriter. This presents what I do more thoroughly.
  • Second, know that I won’t help with negative campaigning. Run on your merits, not on the absence of your opposition. You’ll be a rare breed in today’s political milieu, but you’ll know you’ll be a better person for it. 

What I Do

I know people. I understand what motivates listeners. I’ll work to understand yours better, and work toward meeting their needs.

I’ll walk you through every step of the way, whether writing from scratch or redeveloping an existing speech. 

Why Me?

With almost 30 years in communications consulting, I know how to reach an audience. I've helped raise millions of dollars and engage millions of people through my writing. 

My clients influence the world. Let me help me help you join that conversation.

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