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I'm Anthony Trendl. My clients are global because I understand them. I listen. I ask hard questions. I love my country. 

When I'm working with a client, they have my attention. With that, they have the attention of a 30-year veteran of public communications. They have the ear of someone whose clients have raised millions of dollars across the globe. They've spoken at Harvard, Princeton, and UCLA. They've engaged audiences in Singapore, London, and Washington D.C. 

My background is as an outsider. I'm value-driven, not party-driven. This means whatever your party is, if you are running a clean campaign with good values, we probably can work together. 

My studies focused on creative writing and sociology. I have a degree in English from Illinois State University. Raised on reading Mark Twain, Mike Royko, and Robert Frost, I discovered that there is a time to be colorful and there is a time to simple. Speeches are like that.

I learned the power of words -- how good ones and bad ones alike have shaped history. 

I'm based in Atlanta but I'm happy to come to you wherever you are in the world.

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